There was a teacher that I known online for a couple of years now who has helped me by answering my questions as well as sharing content to make my life easier and more wholesome. I have donated some funds to this teacher to assist with expenses as they lived in a rural area. However, … Continue reading #late


Your life is your responsibility. If you let your life go out of hand, you are responsible for making that decision.


You will be able to figure out who you REALLY are when circumstances are not only good but also bad. Circumstances test your character. Are you a person who is kind when your situation is good or are you a horrible person when your situation is bad?


Not everyone's intentions are wholesome. Recently I found out that I was nearly scammed by a person who claims to be a 'American' when in reality they were someone from Africa. There's always someone who misrepresents their country and puts a bad name to the country. I have two online African friends who are genuine … Continue reading #careful


When I fail at something, I do get disappointed but I don't make a big deal about it. However, if I tell others about it, sometimes they make a big deal about it and it then becomes a concern to me! Can you relate?