What did you do today that was advantageous for your personal growth? The biggest regret people have when they depart from the world is utilizing time for a meaningless activity that resulted in the inability to be more successful.


Today I was walking around the shopping mall and saw people scurrying about with their daily activities. I wonder if anyone today thought that today could be their end or that there is an end to their lives. Thinking about death is not being 'depressed'. Thinking about death is facing reality, despite how an undesirable … Continue reading #daily


If someone makes time for you, you better appreciate it. There is no guarantee that every human being will live for 100 years. Everyone's life expectancy differs. If a person who will die tomorrow makes time for you, that is a real sacrifice.


It doesn't cost you to be nice to someone. Opening a door for someone. Giving up your seat to the elderly. Giving a piece of bread to a pigeon. Buying a Christmas gift to a homeless person. The things you can do to be a decent human being is absolutely unlimited. Being decent is a … Continue reading #human