2 Year Blog Anniversary!

Two years have passed. More than 400 quotes was shared on this blog. More than 350 supportive friends and over 8000+ views in total. Thank you everyone for your support, kindness and friendship. You guys are such lovely people (I mean that), you guys are people who I can count on more than the people … Continue reading 2 Year Blog Anniversary!


WordPress for Rookies

When I created my account on WordPress for the first time (which was around late 2015), I clearly didn’t know how everything worked. What functions enhances visibility and that people who use WordPress can actually follow my blog! I didn’t know that I could make a lot of virtual friends and make blogging one of my … Continue reading WordPress for Rookies

300+ Followers!

We just hit 300+ followers guys! Thank you everyone for your ongoing support! 😀 You guys are more than people who read my posts, you are my virtual friends and I thank you for being a very loyal and supportive! You guys rock! Thank you again! Kind regards, @doniwblog