Just Read this.

Hey you. Yes you. The one who spends too much time looking at other people's lives and have no time to assess yours.   Can't you let others assess their own lives and actually start to assess yours?   Why are you doing this? Did you know that you lose time to make your life … Continue reading Just Read this.



If something doesn't make you happy - why continue to do it?   Isn't that self torture? Besides feeling unhappy, if something doesn't give you any satisfaction/fulfillment or brings you closer to what you want in life - why still do it?   You are not obligated to be places or do things which you … Continue reading Happy.

Learn from the RIGHT people.

Let me tell you something. Whenever there is a break, especially after a school/university semester - the break was not utilized properly. Just a repetition of sleeping immoderately, watching TV, going on the computer, idling around - nothing meaningful, nothing productive. It also reflected my level of awareness/knowledge back then. A few months ago, after watching a … Continue reading Learn from the RIGHT people.