My Blogging Story.

I’m Doni W (for short) and I am a number of things – a recent graphic design consultant, a business student, a inspirational blogger and a aspiring motivational speaker! Around 2010-2011, I was on holiday when I decided to write random sentences which state something symbolic. I can now define them as quotes. I created this … Continue reading My Blogging Story.


Identity Crisis.

Who am I? The person I am now? Or the person I can be? Am I really the negative characteristics I currently possess or the positive characteristics I can possess. It is up to me to decide. I think I am undergoing a 'identity crisis where I am unable to find out who I am. What … Continue reading Identity Crisis.

My New Habit

The past few years, most of my free time was used for activities which bring little benefit for my future and recently I thought I finally change myself and strive to develop the habits of successful businessman and businesswomen. One of the habits of successful people in general is regularly reading books. Not only do … Continue reading My New Habit