You got to change.

This quote by the entrepreneur Sam Ovens hit me well that I printed it off and stuck it on my wall. This quote speaks the truth and motivates me to strive hard to achieve my goals in life. To be successful, we cannot just use the knowledge we already have - we have to learn … Continue reading You got to change.


Turn off devices.

When I was searching business quotes on Google, I came across one of Mr Risse's quotes. I visited his website and found great words of wisdom and here is one of them. This is a great reminder, especially to those who spend more than 80% of leisure with technology. If we continue to have technology … Continue reading Turn off devices.

Bad Life.

I went on my computer today and when I opened my internet broswer, my Momentum tab came up - revealing a quote that seems to speak to me. "Don't let a bad day make you feel like you have a bad life" - Unknown. I searched this quote on Google and was able to find … Continue reading Bad Life.