Ignorance is the tool the cunning use to take advantage of others. Keep on fueling yourself with knowledge and save yourself from being misused.



Don't play the victim and blame everyone for your failure. One who succeeds in life blames no one but themselves for their failure in anything.


Most people take full responsibility for whatever success that encountered but won't take responsibility for the failures they committed. A person who takes full responsibility of whatever that happens in their life will be able to succeed.


Just do one thing at a time. Doing multiple things at once does not guarantee quality. One at a time, you will be able to make anything high quality, whether that's a task or product.


Time is not something we should waste. We should value our time more as well as other people's time. You can never get back the time you wasted. Time is scarce.


Never trouble your parents, physically and mentally. It is one of the highest evils. Always give your parents a reason to be happy. A good child will live a successful and peaceful life. A bad child will be not praised or appreciated by anyone.