In society today, people believe things because they can, despite how wrong their beliefs are. Beliefs are not facts, more like feelings and thoughts which are unlikely to be based on facts and reality.


A Better Child.

Are you the best child you can be? Or are you a child who can be better?   If you knew you were no good why did you discard such constructive feedback from the mind?   Sometimes your mind is right and your gut feelings can help you correct your mistakes.


This is something I need to work on. When someone angers me, I don't cause a commotion but I suffer in anger internally. The issue with this is anger is trapped in my mind. Let's call it 'internal rotting' since you are just keeping something that is detrimental to your mind stuck inside. Best to … Continue reading #rot


Be humble and ditch the ego. No need to tell everyone you are successful. Success can be seen. Ditch the chatter and strive harder to succeed more.