What you seek is what you become. If intentions are pure, outcome will be clean. You have the choice to be in darkness or light.


Q&A | Part 2

Hi everyone! I just want to announce that there will be a Part 2 of my Q&A video. Feel free to ask questions below and I may answer your question in my next video which will be posted before I go back to university (30th July). Before you comment your questions, please read the following; …

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This mind is subject to change, for the good and the bad. Unfortunately this mind naturally delights bad more than good. And that is the origin of all problems - the thirst for evil. Hence, the mind that was once clean becomes unclean. It then, without consent fills itself with evil intentions, thoughts, views and …

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Comment of the Moment | #7

Mr Righteousbruin9 has a habit of writing meaningful comments which indeed can be called quotes! This will be the fourth time I have shared thought-provoking comments by Mr Righteousbruin9 to the blogging community. Here is his meaningful comment from my post #predetermined; I believe that, with the right actions, one may bring any number of good things into …

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