Act of Kindness #1

Good day to you, fellow bloggers! 🙂 Let me ask you guys something: did you do something good today?  If yes – you are awesome! If no, why not? Why not doing something meritorious? I think the happiness we develop from giving is pure. If I look back at my past, when I gave something […]


Many doors closed on me in relation to education, friendship, leadership opportunities and many more but it is important to never give up the search for a open door. It may not seem visible but when you dig further, you may come across one. You just need to be patient and full of effort. Anything […]

Study Desk Tour 2017

Hey everyone! 😀 Thought I try something different – a tour of my desk desk! Tours of people’s bedrooms, desks, living rooms etc is getting popular especially in Youtube. I’ve seen a bedroom tour by the fabulous Absolutely Olivia and I thought I follow the trend by showing you guys my study desk – what’s in […]


Anyone can be looking at you, learning from you, listening to you, trying to be you – if you are a bad person, you can negatively influence the people around you. If you are a good person, you will positively influence people around you. Good is what we should aim for, for the benefit of […]


Harsh words are like fire. Such words can be so harsh that it can cause someone to develop a heart attack. Be very careful of your words. Anger is temporary however, whilst it is around it destroys whatever it is close to. If you are angry, it is best to isolate yourself from human/animal interaction […]


Most people give with a specific intention or condition e.g. someone gives something to someone in order for them to recieve something from that person. Ideally, giving becomes pure when it is given without conditions and without specific intentions. Do not discriminate when giving – give to anyone despite race, wealth, culture, religion or status!

Want to #guestpost?

Would you like to contribute your post on my blog? 🙂 We could #doubleaction – as in: I post in your blog and you post on my blog! Whatever that works. Send me your interest/request to my email and let’s get cracking! In terms of what kind of post you could post on my blog, […]