Stay Strong.

Never┬átake quick decisions. Life is unpredictable, a moment you may cry but later you may smile. Don't lose hope, keep going. More than a year ago, I wasn't in the best mental state. Bad thoughts came to my mind but I managed to sweep it off. To make up my mind I made this gif … Continue reading Stay Strong.


There was a teacher that I known online for a couple of years now who has helped me by answering my questions as well as sharing content to make my life easier and more wholesome. I have donated some funds to this teacher to assist with expenses as they lived in a rural area. However, … Continue reading #late


You will be able to figure out who you REALLY are when circumstances are not only good but also bad. Circumstances test your character. Are you a person who is kind when your situation is good or are you a horrible person when your situation is bad?


Not everyone's intentions are wholesome. Recently I found out that I was nearly scammed by a person who claims to be a 'American' when in reality they were someone from Africa. There's always someone who misrepresents their country and puts a bad name to the country. I have two online African friends who are genuine … Continue reading #careful


When I fail at something, I do get disappointed but I don't make a big deal about it. However, if I tell others about it, sometimes they make a big deal about it and it then becomes a concern to me! Can you relate?