If ethics was a priority, most dilemmas would not occur. People, sort out your priorities right!


Planning for the Week | Video

Interested to see how I plan for the week? This is the post! As many of you know, I am a university student and need to regularly plan to ensure that I be up to date with my subjects and to ensure I do not miss important deadlines. I don't stick to one planner, I …

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Imagine you insulted someone. And the next day, they end their life. How would you feel? The last conversation with them will haunt you till your own death. Despite the moment, talk to people pleasantly and treat them well because no one lives forever and what you did last with them, could be your last …

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If you see a sad person, don't ignore - approach. Because by simply asking how they doing can make a significant difference to their life. Words help. Use it as it is free. Use your words to stop someone from ending or harming their life. Humans assist others.