I heard a story about a couple of young adults drinking till the next day and some not turning up to their class the next day. This is clearly not the action of a successful person nor a to-be millionaire. To be rich is not easy. You have to have self control, good habits, good … Continue reading #broke



Out of all the people in this world, your parents' love is far greater and pure. They took care of you when you were small and were hopeless to take care of yourself. They fed you, cared for you, loved you, ensured you received a good education. Despite any financial difficulties, their priority was you. … Continue reading #crown


Tough times are inevitable. We have to face it to go past it to achieve our goals. Tough times are also temporary so don't let temporary situations hold you back from achieving your goals.

Learn from the RIGHT people.

Let me tell you something. Whenever there is a break, especially after a school/university semester - the break was not utilized properly. Just a repetition of sleeping immoderately, watching TV, going on the computer, idling around - nothing meaningful, nothing productive. It also reflected my level of awareness/knowledge back then. A few months ago, after watching a … Continue reading Learn from the RIGHT people.


If you want to give someone constructive feedback or even deliver bad news, it is best to say it in person than saying it by phone or online. Online communication can be risky because you cannot see facial expressions, tones or body language to determine if any message is said for the best intentions. Words … Continue reading #news


Say 'No' to things which hold you back from succeeding. It is not worth to say 'Yes'  to things just to impress others. It is likely people who are with you today will not be there tomorrow so why impress people who will leave tomorrow?


Millionaires are not unintelligent people. Their mindsets are designed to grow - not just financially but mentally. To be one, you must think as well as behave like one.

Ask Doni | Q&A #1

Hi everyone! Last year I announced that I will be doing a Q&A session where you ask me a question and I will answer it via a audio file. I received several questions and will be sharing my answer to one of the questions. Today I will be sharing my answer to Mr Righteousbruin9's meaningful question; … Continue reading Ask Doni | Q&A #1