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Eating a chocolate occasionally is okay if you eat the right proportion.  Same goes with any other food, the proportion matters and determines how much you gain as well as how much you lose weight. Be wise and consume more of what is actually beneficial to your body because bad health cannot be reversed. It … Continue reading #cravings


The failure to see in other people's shoes as well as the inability to see other people's intentions and thoughts can cause many problems especially misunderstandings.   It is a great pity indeed to see many relationships at destruction due to misunderstandings.   Misunderstandings destroy lives.   This small thing we call misunderstandings can be … Continue reading Misunderstandings.


What you eat can gain either a positive or negative outcome. Be cautious and make the right healthy food choices because one you consume, it is hard to take back that decision and reverse the consequences.


Why do some people have depression, even if they regularly exercise? They only tamed one door, not the second one: mind. Like you tone your muscles, you need to tone your mind with meditation and positive + righteous thinking.