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Are your a blogger? A business? A freelancer? Anyone who would appreciate constructive feedback? Keep reading because you are going to hear about something free and useful. Designo Feedback is a free service to bloggers and businesses who wish to gain feedback on the design/layout of their digital platforms (e.g. websites, social media profile, promotional material). Designo strives to … Continue reading Free Website Feedback!



If you make getting good grades a priority, you can definitely get good grades. When there is no priority, clearly it is unattainable.

Bad Life.

I went on my computer today and when I opened my internet broswer, my Momentum tab came up - revealing a quote that seems to speak to me. "Don't let a bad day make you feel like you have a bad life" - Unknown. I searched this quote on Google and was able to find … Continue reading Bad Life.


I recently went to a business conference and one of the speeches presented by a businessman was truly inspiring and highlighted the whole event. One of the great things he said was to make "I can" our best friend. The boost of self confidence is so strong that we can achieve anything with such positive … Continue reading #enough


Humans have a wide range of personality types. There are people who have 'unfriendly' personalities - those who don't put on a genuine smile or say anything nice genuinely. It is just the way they are. Don't take it personally. Not everyone is the same and we just got to bear with such differences. A … Continue reading #friendly


When we see other people's success, we start comparing their success to ours. Sometimes, when we do this we start to undervalue our success. This is not good. Success differs in value. People's journeys are different. The success we achieved overtime may not be achieved quicker like others but it was achieved in the best … Continue reading #compare


Don't know what I mean? What happens when we get angry? Our heart starts to palpitate. Our blood levels hit a strike. Our faces go red. We might get headaches. Tears could pour out. Our body is technically going downhill. When one understands the consequences of anger, if they are wise they will strive to … Continue reading #get